Vesak Day Special

Vesak Day, also known as “Buddha’s Birthday,” is the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Buddha as a single occasion. On this day, devotees are encouraged to refrain from killing animals of any kind and to have vegetarian food for a change. To mark this occasion, we picked out 5 vegetarian restaurants for people who wish to follow this practice and also for those who are interested in vegetarian food.

1) VeganBurg
veganFor people who have a craving for fast food, VeganBurg is a good option.
200 Turf Club Road
#01-32 The Grandstand
Tel: 6462 1281

2) Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining
With unique vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian sashimi and unagi, this Japanese vegetarian restaurant will satiate your hunger with their original creations.
Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining
91 Bencoolen Street, #01-50 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 6884 6884

3) Komala’s Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant
Known for their traditional South Indian delights, Kolamas Vilas has been in the Singapore scene for over 60 years. Dig in at the vegetarian restaurant in the cultural-rich Little India.
Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant
12 Buffalo Road
Tel: 62933664

4) Original Sin
originalsin (
Who says vegetarian food has to be boring? Breaking the unconventional concept of vegetarian food, here is Original Sin with a burst of Mediterranean-style flavours.
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-62 Holland Village, Singapore 278115
Tel: 6475 5605

5) Lotus Vegetarian Restaurants_lotus (
A Chinese-style vegetarian restaurant, Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is a familiar taste to many. Take your pick from their buffet!
Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
201 Balestier Road
Singapore 329926
Tel: 6254 0090


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