Top 50 Singapore Bloggers Revealed…in TIN style

Popularity on social media often fluctuates and for bloggers, it is a constant fight to achieve a steady rise or consistent readership from a loyal following. It is always down to the crunch of putting a tangible value into fame on social media.


Alexa, powered by Amazon, is a site that provides analytical insights on webpage and unique views on a basis of 3 months, and formulate a global rank of a site. There is a disclaimer which we need to address before presenting the Top 50 bloggers in Singapore.


Although it is the closest we can get to rank the Singapore bloggers (as of our best knowledge) in Singapore, do note that this is not a conclusive study of ALL the bloggers in Singapore. Values are taken based on keying in the URL of most Singapore lifestyle bloggers and the result of the global and Singapore rank is shown. Certain bloggers might have been left out without our knowledge but rest assured it is not due to prejudice.

lady iron chef

So are you ready?  Drum roll…..

Here’s presenting to you the Top 50 Bloggers of Singapore

(numbers as of 31 March 2014):

S/N Blog Name Global Alexa Rank Website
1 Ladyironchef 45,103
2 Vivawoman 98,993
3 Mum’s The Word 107,571
4 Daniel’s Food Diary 156,319
5 cheekiemonkie 167,459
6 ieatishootipost 167,684
7 Miss Tam Chiak 198,286
8 EdUnloaded 198,884
9 PassportChop 208,437
10 The J Babies 214,023
11 Travelerfolio 215,355
12 Camemberu 220,983
13 AspirantSG 237,033
14 Sakura Haruka 237,432
15 ohsofickle 239,131
16 johorkaki 239,421
17 MrBrown 253,174
18 Alvinlogy 261,378
19 Sengkang Babies 304,506
20 xiaxue 318,627
21 mylovelybluesky 334,234
22 Sanses 338,839
23 Seth Lui 346,531
24 Princess Dana Diaries 356,582
25 Gingerbreadmum 375,667
26 Bong QiuQiu 402,338
27 Beatrice Tan 408,094
28 The Heart Truths 489,188
29 RCHLWNGX 512,066
30 Sophie Wilocq 545,674
31 Mitsueki 570,768
32 GNineThree 572,876
33 Darren Sim 584,391
34 Sylistic 687,749
35 Sixpegs 690,170
36 yawningbread 698,430
37 Naomineo 710,325
38 The Occasional Traveller 726,903
39 Moonberry 732,959
40 Melicacy 736,398
41 DreaChong 812,036
42 Melissa Celestine Koh 820,282
43 Tiffany Yong 849,816
44 iisjong 891,020
45 Peonykiss 986,207
46 Only William 1,064,190
47 Beanie N Us 1,151,873
48 The Accidental Mom Blogger 1,205,453
49 Hpility 1,439,313
50 Mama Wear Papa Shirt 1,659,797


Congrats to all 50 bloggers for making into the TOP 50 in TIN style.

And not forgetting our Influencer Network’s bloggers who made it in this list.




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