UJONG at Raffles: Food Review

UJONG at Raffles, a new restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Shen Tan, will be a nod to many Singaporeans with its unique interpretations of popular local dishes, spicing up the local food scene. Strategically located at the history-rich part of Singapore, The Raffles Hotel, it is a celebration of Singapore cuisines at its finest.



Signature Nasi Lemak with Achar, Ikan Billis and Fried Egg (S$16.90-19.90) from Chef Shen comes in choices of Beef, Pork, Lamb Curry, Chicken and Fish. The rice carries a faint yet potent taste of coconut that makes it addictive. Served alongside 2 different types of chili – spicy and sweet one, to suit the different palates. I personally loved the sweet chili with the rice.


Ba Chor Mee Pasta (S$25.90) is a fusion dish with handmade tagliatelle paired with 5 spices pork confit. Huge, generous chunks of pork confit is tender and flavorful, and the interesting pairing is a nod to my favourite local dish.


Chef Shen’s favourite meat is pork (evidently) and this Claypot Rice with Five Spice Pork (S$23.90) is a big hit and also my favourite dish of the evening. The rice soaked the savory flavors from the pork and sesame oil, and a tinge of sweetness from the Chinese sausage.



We got to try the Shendol, the nomenclature a word play on Chef Shen. A deconstructed local dessert Chendol, the coconut panna cotta is smooth and creamy, well-complements the house-made red bean ice cream. Definitely a must-try for the fine desserts lovers.

If you are bored by the local delights, UJONG  at Raffles will be a hit with its twisted and inventive spins of the local food fare.

UJONG @ Raffles
328 North Bridge Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade, #01-10
Singapore 188719
+65 6635 6502

Photos: Nichology
Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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