Disney Characters and Happily Ever After

For the longest time ever, Disney movies have been above princes rescuing princesses. That’s the traditional notion of how guys must do the rescuing and that damsels in distress are utterly helpless.

With the screening of Frozen, it seems that this has changed. Instead of having a prince rescue the princess, it was the princess who sacrificed herself to save her sister. No longer just meant to be romantic, it shifts the emphasis of boy-girl-relationship to that of sibling love. The close ties between Elsa and Anna was the focus of the movie and not so much about Anna finding love with Kristoff or even Hans.



 Does the novelty end with Frozen? It appears not. It has always been about princes and princesses, the good people living out there in fairyland somewhere. What about the villains? No one cares!

The recent debut of Maleficent shows that finally it is time for the villains to have their share of the limelight. Also, they do not necessarily need to look ugly. Have you ever wondered how they would look like if artists drew them?




How about having artists change the gender of the Disney characters we are familiar with?





Well, in case you are more interested in the typical prince and princesses, here’s pictures of them, just not in the way you imagine.

Let’s welcome our Disney princes!


44755df22d70ca443776b47a181f6b09  Handsome much?


There are many versions of the Disney princesses. Let’s see the tough version of them as they prepare to fight it out.


The fighter version of Disney princesses.


With all the different interpretations of Disney princes, princesses and villains, we hope you understand that it’s all about our perception of these characters. Without villains, how will there be heroes?

Find out more about the villain, Maleficent, in cinemas now!

Credit: www.fanpop.com for featured image


Writer: Samuel Low

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