It’s time to put a stop: Yulin Dog Meat Festival on 21 June 2014

Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Meat Festival is an annual festival that is held in Yulin, Guangxi, China. Dog meat is considered a nutritious food in winter, and in Yulin, it has been instilled as a tradition to have dog meat in this annual event to celebrate. Dog meat is said to be able to improve certain illnesses – some doctors in China even prescribe dog meats to improve circulation of blood.

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Animal rights activists are furiously fighting against this inhumane practice and tradition in China. Many are questioning the government’s position in this ordeal – to have tighter and more stringent practices and regulations to the dog meats and their sources. In 2013, 10,000 dogs were slaughtered for this annual festival; the number for 2014 is speculated to be the same. With questions as to where the dog meats come from, animal activists are demanding for legitimate sources of dogs supply.

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Dogs are tortured before they are prepared. In the culture, it is believed that meats of dogs that suffered more will taste better as they release more adrenaline when they squirm or scream. Dogs were electrocuted, hung on hooks, beaten, scalded and soaked in hot water.

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It pains to see what most deem as great companions and household pets would be tortured, less eaten as part of a custom in a country. Many are raising awareness through social media campaign, through the hashtags #YulinGetDogsOffTheMenu, #CancelYulinDogMeatFestival. It would be hard to change this tradition overnight, but it is and will be a worthwhile fight.


Writer: Leong Chee Sheng


  1. I really liked that your focus was more on the source, and welfare of the dogs prior to and during slaughter, rather than a simple-minded emotion fueled outcry of “How can this culture eat dogs.” Truly, cultural norms (of eating strange meats) can and must co-exist with the modern standards of animal production welfare.


  2. While I myself will pass on the eating of meat most of the time (regardless of animal source), my issue is not the eating of dogs. An animal is an animal, why eat one and not the other? My issue is that they should be treated humanely and killed humanely. Education on these bogus medical claims is a good place to start. Thanks for talking about this. So many people would rather bury their heads in the sand!


  3. Gad, these people make me sick! SICK! China is indeed hell on earth, as well as representing a human plague for the rest of the planet. GRUESOME dreadful people! And spare us the yarn about “culture differences” please : there is very little “culture” involved in such cruelty. Don’t believe me? Please try what the numerous creatures you torture to death endure, and present us a report (supposing you live to tell the tale). May all you thugs die of the PEST in Yulin and wherever such ‘festivals’ are allowed to take place!


  4. Yes. China is absolutely sick. I live in Hong Kong but we don’t have the Yulin Festival here… I was so disgusted when I saw this… It’s so sad!


  5. @ Emily March: While your disgust at the people who are perpetrating these heinous deeds is valid, please do not allow your profound ignorance to completely blind any reason. No place on earth populated by humans is a paradise, but certainly China, all of it, isn’t “hell on earth.” Do you not realize that the vast majority of Chinese do not eat dogs? Do you think a “more cultured” Western nation such as the U.S. is any less of a “hell on earth?” Do you know that approximately 12 billions animals, yes, BILLION, are killed for consumption in the U.S. every year, yes, EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Do you think they are treated any more humanely than these poor dogs and cats are at Yulin? In the factory-farm industry, with an unrelenting bottom-line-only, assembly-line-efficiency, damn-any-suffering mentality ensuring any respite from incessant suffering, cruelty, neglect, torment, misery for animals, its “product?”

    Think! Broaden your mind. When some in Yulin display unspeakable cruelty to dogs, that does not mean that ALL of China is “hell on earth.” Just as when billions upon billions of newly hatched male chicks are unendingly ground up alive for the sake of expediency , the “bottom line,” in U.S. factory farms, that does not mean that ALL of the U.S. is a “hell on earth.”



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