Top 3 Korean Dramas

So it’s the June holidays and you must be wondering what shows to catch. Today we bring to you the top 3 Korean dramas of our pick and we will present them to you starting from our 3rd choice.

3) You’re All Surrounded Youreallsurrounded-poster.jpeg You’re All Surrounded is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Go Ara, Oh Yoon-ah, Ahn Jae-hyun, Park Jung-min and Sung Ji-roo. Eun Dae-gu (Lee Seung-gi), Eo Soo-sun (Go Ara), Park Tae-il (Ahn Jae-hyun) and Ji Gook (Park Jung-min) are the new recruits in the violent crimes unit at Gangnam Police Station. These rookies have a lot to learn as they are led by a hot tempered leader Seo Pan-seok (Cha Seung-won). This drama depicts the journey of these amateur cops as they learn to earn respect. The interesting thing about this drama lies in the lead, Dae-gu, who is one who has had a terrible childhood and as he learns to grapple with it, the plot thickens. If you are a fan of crime and mystery, this drama will suit your likes.

2) Witch’s Romance 230px-Witchslove Witch’s Romance is a romance comedy broadcasted by tvN. It stars Uhm Jung Hwa as Ban Ji Yeon aged 39 who is the investigative reporting team leader of Trouble Maker, a magazine company and Park Seo Joon as Yoon Dong Ha aged 25. The drama is about the romance between a younger man and a woman who isn’t able to open up her heart to others after her to-be-groom suddenly left her right before they were about to get married. What makes this drama so good is the nice guy role of Yoon Dong Ha. He is so nice that the female lead just cannot resist falling in love with him. Find out more about their relationship and how it progresses. As a side note, guys can learn a thing or two about how to treat girls well.  

1) Doctor Stranger Doctor-Stranger Doctor Stranger is a 2014 South Korean television series from SBS, starred by Lee Jong-suk and Jin Se-yeon as leads. Lee Jong-suk acts as Park Hoon who is a genius doctor from North Korea and he can visualize the different parts of a body mentally. Jin Se-yeon stars as Song Jae-hee, Park Hoon’s first love from North Korea and also Han Seung-hee, an anesthesiologist who is back in South Korea for a purpose. I am no fan of a film with doctors performing surgery but what really drew me to this drama were the first few episodes. The scene of how Park Hoon’s father did not abandon him as a child and later bringing him to North Korea was very touching. It gets better. Wait till you get to the scene where his father willingly sacrificed himself and died. Thereafter, the genius doctor is created after training in North Korea and escapes to South Korea whereby he works as a doctor.


Writer: Samuel Low

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