Lee Min Ho joins the OSIM Family!

In celebration of OSIM’s 35th Anniversary, Lee Min Ho joins the OSIM family as the endorser for OSIM uDiva.

OSIM welcomed Lee Min Ho, Korean superstar and heartthrob drama prince on 27 September 2014. The endorser of OSIM’s chic massage sofa, uDiva, is in town to celebrate this joyous milestone of 35 years together with OSIM.

Lee Min Ho’s interview

OSIM uDiva LMH_003 Do you have a uDiva at home?
I am very grateful to receive it as a gift from OSIM so I do have it at home

One? Two? Three? (laughs)
(shy) One

IMG_8168 Do you share it with family members? Who uses it the most?
I think my mum uses it the most probably because I do not spend too much time at home so my mum makes most use of uDiva.

IMG_8176 So uDiva works better than Lee Min Ho’s hands? (laughs)
(laughs) Well it’s been a very long time since I actually massage my mum’s shoulders, maybe in childhood that I do. I’m sure that uDiva is doing the duty as a son to massage my mum’s shoulders and I’m pretty sure my mum is happy about that!

IMG_8151 If you have one day to relax at home with no work to do, what would you do?
I love to sleep. If I have the time, 9 to 12 hours of sleep for me.

IMG_8121  Very often you are referred to as the male goddess. In your opinion, what are the features or must-have of a male-goddess?
Being a male goddess isn’t about the appearance itself, probably it is being responsible and being able to protect your loved ones. That’s probably the most important point being a real man.

IMG_8166 You can’t possibly bring the uDiva massage chair around when you travel, so what is the one item that you will bring around to help you relax?
I have loud music and I will heal myself with good music.

IMG_8137 How loud is loud music? Death rock, metal?
You know, my crews will just walk out whenever I have the music on because they complain that it is way too loud for them to take. (laughs) Sometimes I receive complaints from the hotel saying that my music is way too loud.

IMG_8119 What do you want to say to your Singapore fans?
Singaporean fans, thank you so much for the continuous support and the love that you are giving me. You know I can’t see you as frequently but I know that you guys are giving me support regardless of where you are. I am very appreciative for the support. I will try to reciprocate all the love that you have given me and I will aim to do better in the future. Thank you.

OSIM uDiva – a form of lifestyle

OSIM is a global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. Established in 1980, OSIM is a brand management and niche marketing company with a focus on the well-being of consumer. OSIM uses innovative selling approaches and constantly enhances its innovation capabilities to produce successful products with superior designs, features and quality. What makes the OSIM uDiva so special?

3D Power-Ball Massage Technology
New and exclusive to OSIM uDiva, the innovative 3D Power-Ball Massage Technology combined with best-in-class kneading, tapping and rolling techniques, the OSIM uDiva packs an intense, precise and effective full-body massage in one petite, beautiful sofa.

Dynamic 3D Massage
The uDiva’s Dynamic 3D technology delivers the most powerful 3D massage with 3 levels of protrusion, providing deep tissue relief for hard-to-reach areas like the neck & shoulders and lumbar.

Perfect as an accent chair for any room/décor
With the evolvement of massage products from functional to lifestyle, OSIM has been infusing aesthetics into well-being and lifestyle. uDiva is the perfect example of a beautifully-made, decorative sofa plus the comfort of a massage chair blended into one elegant product. Gorgeous tufted design with a touch of modern curvatures, upholster in padded leatherette and supported greatly with chrome-plated base, the uDiva adds elegance, style and versatility of a sofa, lounger and full-body massager to any room/décor.

6 Professionally designed lifestyle massage programs for your well-being
Indulge in the ultimate massage and relaxation with the OSIM uDiva. Drift off to peaceful tranquility with the specially designed massage programs to soothe tired and aching muscles.

i. ‘Neck & Shoulders’ (All-time favorite) – Intense and invigorating, this program massages from the lower-skull, the neck, down to the shoulders, alleviating stiffness in these tension hot spots.

ii. ‘Spa’ (Ladies’ favorite) – Full-body pampering to relax the body & mind. Suitable for anytime of the day, this program is calibrated to provide the right massage intensity to relieve stress and tension for the ultimate relaxation.

iii. Happy Hour (Working crowd’s favorite) – An after-work treat for the dual areas of Neck & Shoulders and Lumbar.

iv. ‘Lumbar’ – A popular massage program to loosen lower back tension, for a healthier back. This intense program is ideal for use, after long stretches of sitting or vigorous exercise that tires the back.

v. ‘Stretch’ – Massage to loosen muscles and improve flexibility. Using a series of rolling and press-hold massage techniques, this program helps to gently stretch and lengthen tired muscles, improving one’s range of motion and body flexibility.

vi. ’Sleep’ – Relaxes the body and mind for a good night’s sleep. Sensitively designed massaging actions work in gentle rhythms to prime your body and soul for a good night’s sleep.

The OSIM uDiva retails at a special introductory price of $2,588 (usual price $3,288). It comes in 5 colours: Stunning Black, Luscious Maroon, Gorgeous Pink, Enchanting Blue and Elegant Beige.


Some of our Influencer talents were at the event, catching a glimpse of the male Goddess himself, Lee Min Ho! Do check out their blog links below.


William Tan, Sara Shantelle, Nich Tan, our writer Chee Sheng and Hong Peng were spotted outside Westin Singapore!


The four princesses of The Influencer Network sitting cozily with the autographed Lee Min Ho’s standee at the back  – (from left) Joey Ong, Cheow Yi, Celine Ho and Vivian.
Photos: The Influencer Network
Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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