Braun’s Launch of New Female Products

We all know that Braun is famous for its male products. Here’s what we don’t know. They have just recently released a whole line of products for the females!

We were invited to the Braun Manor to find out more and to have a tour of the beautiful manor.


2014-10-28 14.41.23Braun has been known to provide products of the latest technology in removing hair and this time, there’s something special installed for the women.
2014-10-28 14.42.26 2014-10-28 14.43.22

2014-10-28 15.12.14 We were quite surprised that Apple products resemble Braun products so closely. 2014-10-28 15.15.17 Braun is launching the new Braun Face, the world’s first 2-in-1 facial device that delivers pore-deep cleansing as well as high precision facial epilation for pure, radiant beauty. This revolutionary new beauty device from the world’s No.1 epilator brand is a great investment for better-looking skin. Expect your complexion to look visibly smooth, fresh and beautifully flawless at the flick of a switch2014-10-28 15.40.49They have also produced hair dryers that are specially designed with two purposes in mind. This is Braun Satin-Hair 1 dryer.2014-10-28 16.23.55

It is a compactable hair dryer which is convenient to carry about in a luggage bag.
2014-10-28 15.43.35

Notice its size. It is pretty handy and easy to keep. Truly a gem for travellers.

2014-10-28 16.20.37This is the hair dyer that is designed specially for styling your hair. Braun SensoDryer. It is able to sense the temperature of your hair. Pretty cool huh?

2014-10-28 16.23.31 The professional AC fan system generates a powerful airflow, which is transformed via the ultra narrow nozzle for precise styling. Expect the most professional results from the comfort of your own home and style as often as you like, whilst keeping healthy-looking hair.


Braun Face is available in Singapore now at all major electrical chain stores, departmental stores, leading hypermarkets and independent electrical stores. The recommended retail price begins at S$99. For more information, please visit


Writer: Samuel Low

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