The Biggest Asian Music Festival, The Skechers Sundown Festival

Missed the Skechers Sundown Festival because you were busy and had other commitments? Fret not, we will go through the line up and introduce to you the artistes who performed. IMG_4169 The first artiste on stage was Shigga Shay. His rap was really cool and humorous with lots of dialect inserted and it makes a really good representative of the languages Singaporeans use.  IMG_4176Besides him, there was also Jeremy Tang, who serenaded the audience with his series of Japanese songs. Jeremy did Singapore proud by scoring the champion in the Nodojima The World Spring 2014 singing competition, held in Japan earlier this year. IMG_4181 Next up on stage was SOS, an Indonesian girl group whose members composed of the finalists from the Galaxy Superstar talent show. They were really pretty and their dance moves were comparable with female Korean artistes. IMG_4187

Regina Lin, being a popular DJ-Singer based in Guangzhou is well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She charmed the audience with her Cantonese songs that we are familiar with.

IMG_4207Now, the artistes most people were waiting for, Cross Gene. A six-member multinational boy band based in South Korea, Cross Gene comprises of members from South Korea (Sangmin, Yongseok, Shin and Seyoung) China, (Casper) and Japan (Takuya). They hyped up the audience with their dance moves and you really have to give it to them. It was no easy feat trying to pull off their dance moves with their jackets. IMG_4220After a very exciting performance by Cross Gene, it was time for James Yang to wow the audience with his deep, husky voice. He sang several Chinese songs for the audience and impressed us all with his unique voice.IMG_4241Besides Cross Gene, Weaver was another group of artistes everyone in the audience was waiting to see perform. Formed during their high school in 2004, Japanese three-member boy band, Weaver had left a very lasting impression on Singaporeans with their previous visits and everyone was anticipating their performance.IMG_4264They definitely lived up to expectations. Not only did they do a mash up of various songs, surprising the audience with English songs, they also played Home by Dick Lee. Certainly did their homework there. One of the most impressive moments was when all three of them played on the keyboard. It totally made the audience go wild. IMG_4276

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Writer: Samuel Low

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