Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ gives you luscious lips

Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ gives you luscious lips 



How often can you get luscious lips like Angelina Jolie? Perhaps over a sizzling hot coffee drink? or while you were busy gulping your hot soup?

If you are a dare devil, why not try the latest Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’. Simply visit any Korean super mart, buy the Spicy Korean Ramen, set up a video camera with a tripod, and challenge yourself by tasting the spicy noodles. The task is really whether you can finished the pack, without looking like a loser.

While most have passed the challenge, there are some ( Mostly guys) who have problems finishing the power pack.

TIM checks out 4 The Influencer Network’s Influencers and rate how they are faring with the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

Featuring TIN Influencer Gerald Png and TIN Influencer Trista Sor

Editor’s comments: Good Music editing and interesting couple conversation. However it seems both passed the test too easily without much drama. This makes the video a little tad too safe to watch. Trista had an interesting comment: ‘It feels like your saliva reacting with the chilli inside’. I wonder how does that feel?

Featuring TIN Influencer Tricia Koh and her boyfriend

Editor’s comments: Check out Tricia Koh’s boyfriend facial expression. Boyfriend escapes from screen twice and disappeared! He appeared after the 6 minute mark and still looking constipated! Tricia’s expression is a little tad too predictable though her boyfriend save the day with his ‘shocked’ look through out the video. Hilarious!

Featuring TIN Influencer Joey Ong and her boy(friend)

Editor’s comments: ‘ It doesn’t burn that bad, it just stings!’ said Joey’s friend.
‘Cannot, I am tearing already’ …I can’t hear properly…my mucus is dripping… said Joey.
Joey’s comments are funny and with her animated expressions, it’s a joy watching her in action.

Which video do you like the best? Leave your comments below…….


Dennis Toh

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