[Valentines’ Day Special] 7 Flowers and What They Mean

Valentines’ Day is nearing and one of the most popular gifts for loved ones are no doubt a bouquet of flowers. While prices for roses will experience hyperinflation, do you know what are some of these flowers and what do they mean? We check out some flowers and their meanings, just so you can impress your loved ones with your enhanced knowledge of these beauties.

1) Roses

One of the most classic flower on Valentines’ day is the rose – prices can inflate to 5 times the price on Valentines’ compared to regular days. The colour of roses can symbolize many different aspects of love.

Red “I love you”, Romance, Beauty and Perfection
Light Pink Fun, carefree and happiness
Deep Pink “Thank you”
Yellow Friendship and Freedom
White “I miss you”, Truth and Innocence
Orange Enthusiasm and desire

Go safe with the iconic red roses as perpetuated in rom-coms, and steer clear away from Yellow roses if you mean to have a romantic and lasting relationship with your partner!

2) Tulips

A less expensive flower but equally (albeit more) beautiful is the tulip, typically to symbolize perfect love and elegance. Tulips are often associated with the 11th anniversary of a relationship.

3) Casablanca Lilies

With a distinct scent, the Casablanca Lilies symbolizes class and beauty. This white flower has celebratory and congratulatory connotations. The expensive price tag puts most people off from getting a bouquet of these white beauties.

4) Carnations

These pretty flowers are huge on symbolism, with different colours evoking different love.

Red Admiration
Deep Red Deep love and Affection
Pink Undying love of a mother
White Pure love, good luck

Carnation is also the flower for the 1st wedding anniversary.

5) Sunflowers

I would love to receive sunflowers at any occasions! This huge and bright flower screams summer and fun, and they symbolize warmth, loyalty and happiness.

6) Daisies

With so many different hues of the flower to choose from, daisies are typically associated with purity, innocence, loyalty, patience and simplicity. The Gerbera Daisies are the more popular choice for Valentines’ day because of their larger flowering head. Their cheerful look will certainly bring a smile to the receiver.

7) Orchids

Our national flower is a gender-neutral flower, typically symbolizes beauty and grace. Potted orchids are usually given to the men, and orchid bouquets are given to the ladies.


Writer: Leong Chee Sheng
Photo credits as linked

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