Congratulations to the Top 10 Influencers for Domino’s 50% Promo Code Contest

Do you recall that there were many people sharing the Domino’s 50% Promo Codes sometime back between 7 Jan -7 Feb 2016?

Yes, it was a one month social media campaign organised by the Influencer Agency- The Influencer Network. The Influencer Network gathered a total of 55 Influencers (Bloggers & Instagramers) to join in this campaign that was aimed at spreading the word on their love for Domino’s.

Each of the social media personalities was given unique promo codes for their blog readers and instagram followers to enjoy Domino’s Pizza’s 50% off Large Pizza and Xtra Large Pizza.

The campaign would not be successful if not for the help of all these influencers. The campaign garnered about 102 photos on Instagram and 27 online media coverage about the promo codes campaign.


And just recently 28 March 2016, Domino’s organised an Award Ceremony to award the Top 10 Influencers that garnered the highest level of social media engagement for this campaign! The result and the number of pizza orders through their individual codes are as followed:

10th Place: Gary Song (No of orders: 55 Large and 32 X-tra Large)

9th Place: Daniel Nathaniel (No of orders: 50 Large and 39 X-tra Large)

8th Place: Shaun Owyeong   (No of orders: 64 Large and 35 X-tra Large)
7th Place: Kaiting Cheng   (No of orders: 74 Large and 73 X-tra Large)
6th Place: Dawn Lee   (No of orders: 80 Large and 70 X-tra Large)
5th Place: Preston Sin   (No of orders: 58 Large and 96 X-tra Large)
4th Place: Danil Palma   (No of orders: 79 Large- 91 X-tra Large)
3rd Place:  Shermaine Lau   ( No of orders: 80 Large and 128 X-tra Large)
2nd Place: Win Ting   (No of orders: 152 Large and 168 X-tra Large) .
1st Place:  Janelle Jaw (No of orders: 209 Large and 247 X-tra Large)
1st place winner- Janelle Jaw walked away with $1000 cash, Win Ting $800 and Shermaine $500. The other 7 influencers walked away with a year supply of pizzas.
Congrats to all the 10 Influencers!!! We thank all other Influencers who have participated.

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