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Fashion One releases its Top 5 Must Have for 2017

3-manifesto-concept-store-opening-singapore7-sakina-msa-front-de-mode-concept-storeTime to check your closet and prepare for the New Year as Fashion One –– the leading New York based international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network –– reveals the much anticipated hottest 2017 trends list from the runway, right to your screen.

Feeling overwhelmed by which styles will fade away and which trends are here to stay? Worry not, as Fashion One narrowed them down into five essential must-haves for every style and every closet.

The first must-have on our list is all about comfort and ease. From classic button ups paired with loose tailored trousers by Huga Costa, to the gender-neutral deconstructed shirts with extra long sleeves from Craig Green, oversized and free-flowing silhouettes are definitely going to be a staple.

For evening wear, this year’s hottest shade is yellow. Whether it’s canary, neon or pastel, this cheerful color glowed on the runways such as in Angel Sanchez’ tropical flowers inspired Spring Summer collection which were dominated by citrus hues; and in Miami’s Funkshion Fashion Week where gorgeous evening wear range from delicate pastel shades to true yellows that were instant hits and guaranteed to make you the bell of any ball.

Other trends brought back the nostalgic feeling of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s fashion just like Jeremy Scott’s disco inspired Spring Summer collection; a revival of the classic trench coat using unexpected colors and modern tailoring like that of Richard Chai and Jermyn Street’s designs; and an explosion of abstract prints ranging from polka dots to pop art-esque designs just as it ruled the catwalk during Project Runway’s finalist group show in New York.

No matter what your style, our Top 5 Must-Haves for 2017 special is sure to have you feeling inspired!

Top 5 Must-Haves for 2017 will be revealed on Tuesday, December 27 at 9:30pm, only on Fashion One. Fashion One is available on StarHub (channel 442).


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