Local Model Entrepreneur aims to spread the benefits of Good Publicity

Local Model Entrepreneur, Dennis Toh has launched a self-help book which will serve as an important guide targeted at celebrities, influencers, professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians and students. The title of the book, ‘101 Ways to get Publicity for Success’ was inspired by well-known celebrities and business magnates who have found success leveraging on publicity.   

In view of the recent spate of local and global events which brands and individuals have failed to manage their publicity well, Dennis aims to raise more awareness about the importance of public relations and publicity in managing one’s reputation and brand image. Dennis hopes to highlight the notion ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ by emphasizing on the significance of good publicity and challenging the long-time myth that bad publicity is good publicity. 

‘Everyone should take charge of how he or she is being seen or portrayed in the public domain or media. The perception is not created due to chance but achieved through a careful and deliberate publicity plan aimed at sending the right messages across the various stakeholders. Once you master the craft, you realise that getting publicity is very simple and addictive’ said Dennis Toh.

The book, which is self-published, includes chapters on key concepts and notions of publicity; success stories of famous individuals like Kim Kardashian, Jack Ma, Paris Hilton, Obama Barack, Justin Bieber and Xiaxue. The book ends off with a comprehensive 101 practical tips to turn undesirable odds in a person’s favor.

Some of the interesting methods as highlighted in the book include creating a silly video, producing your youtube show, and tapping on the wonders of search engine optimisation to get your website listed on the first page of Google.

Retailing at $25, the hardcopy book will go on sale in an online store http://www.1Zero1Ways.com and all major bookstores in Singapore. It will also be available in upcoming fairs like Singapore Art Book Fair 2019 and The Local People Art Market. The e-version will also be availble on key online stores like Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, Lulu, Createspace and Amazon in May 2019. Dennis, who used to be a freelance publicist, had spent about six months researching for the book.

Dennis graduated from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in 2007 with a Masters in Mass Communications. His expertise in Public Relations and Advertising led to his first teaching job as a full-time lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic from 2009.

‘I have personally experienced and witnessed the significance of publicity in both my professional and personal life. I believe I have used the right PR strategies in positioning my businesses and professional pursuits. On the personal front, I have made several good friends in all the pursuits that I am in right now.

I trust this book will help young and aspiring Media and Communication professionals better understand the role of PR in their work, and the various strategies available to get that extra mileage in generating your goodwill.’

Now, he is 41, and teaching still plays a part in his life. He is a part-time lecturer who teaches Internet Marketing & Advertising at Curtin University, and Public Relations in MDIS.

Aside from teaching, Dennis runs between acting roles and managing his massage parlour, Feet Haven. Feet Haven has bagged 9 awards till date, including the Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa & Salon Awards in 2017. He has starred in Mediacorp programmes such as Babies on Board and Lonely Fish. Not limiting himself to television shows, Dennis has starred in commercials and theatre productions over time.

Dennis hopes to inspire everyone to do what they love and love what they do. He has a personal website http://www.IamDennisToh.com.

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