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Cheery Lifestyle Blogger Kaiting hopes to raise more awareness for gender inequality in Singapore

Cheery Lifestyle Blogger Kaiting hopes to raise more awareness for gender inequality in Singapore 

Sporty, young and adventurous. These are the traits you will associate with Kaiting, a 23 year old undergraduate with Nanyang Technological University. Just like many other hopeful youths, Kaiting holds big dreams for herself in the next five years. Apart from the intention to settle down and have a kid in the next five years, she wants to work towards a stronger foothold in the Singapore’s media and blogging scene. It is no wonder she could be the next media BIG thing to come: Kaiting has been a hardworking and committed Influencer. Someone who dares to speak the truth and pursue her dreams. When asked about her goals for blogging, she added that the gender inequality gap in Singapore ought to be bridged.

Apart from being a competitive volleyball player, she is also a very active and popular student amongst her student community in NTU. Being a more candid person, Kaiting was also recently cast as one of the hosts for, an online channel managed by The Influencer Network. In the show, Kaiting went on to uncover some societal issues and problems which are rarely discussed in the mainstream media.  So stay tuned as Kaiting works on you in the next five years.






1. Tell us more about yourself.
I am Kaiting, and I am currently an undergraduate studying Sociology in NTU, and will be graduating next year. Volleyball has been my passion since I was 13, and I have been playing volleyball for 10 years now. I play tennis as well. I am an active and outgoing girl, and am often pretty straightforward. I’d prefer people to be straightforward and transparent with me most of the time.

Being a sporty girl, I can never be bothered with makeup. Unless there’re special occasions, I do not wear makeup out frequently. I think on average I draw my eyes or put on makeup less than 50 days in a year haha. I can never be bothered with fashion styling also, even though I really love new clothes and dresses! I’m sometimes even called a fashion terrorist cause I can’t seem to match my clothes nicely sometimes!

2. What are some key focus in your blog?
Being a food and lifestyle blogger, I often introduce new food places and do reviews, where all reviews done are genuine and based on my own taste liking. Furthermore, I also do reviews on movies, lifestyle gadgets, leading a healthy/sporty lifestyle, parties & events.

3. Why should people visit your blog?
I am sharing lifestyle tips often with discount codes included, which will greatly benefit my readers! Furthermore, I’d like to share my positive outlook on life with my readers as well.

4. If you have one day to live, what would you do?
I would surround myself with my loved ones and people who love me, and then just spend time talking to them, letting them know how much I appreciate them and love them. I would also eat and binge on all my favorite food. Like llao llao, McWing, bah ku teh, sugar roll, Mac and cheese; well the list can go on forever because I love to eat! Hahaha.

5. Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one.
I’ve thought about this for awhile and my answer would be power. Other than the fact that fame and fortune comes alongside power, I think that power is essentially the most beneficial thing to choose. This is because with power I would be able to improve people’s lives and perhaps try to lesson the inequality gap in the world. Or perhaps not so big scale; but first trying to improve the gender/race inequality in Singapore. Many of such inequalities have been institutionalized and it remains very difficult or almost impossible for the institutions to change completely. Therefore I would choose power! But then again with power comes responsibility; so situations have to be properly handled which is not so easy because most often possible solutions always reside in grey areas. Perhaps picking fortune would be an easier choice where I get to make sure my loved ones lead good & comfortable lives!

6. What are your plans in the next 5 years?
I’ve alr have plans to get married in 3 years time! And then in 5 years time maybe a new addition to my family! I have not decided what I want to work as after I graduate next year, but am really hoping to expand my networks and stay in the media scene. Also, with the help of TIN, I want to work towards becoming a full time blogger/influencer!

Check out Kaiting candid pictures while blogging:


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Kaiting featured on

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Kaiting blogging about OSIM Utrek 

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Kaiting blogs about LLAO LLAO

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Kaiting at the Domino’s event

Check out Kaiting’s recent video on The Influencer TV


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We need a ‘Shaver’ : Interview with Jayden Tay

How often can we come up close and personal with people of interesting professions. And have you heard of the term ‘Shaver’, a person who shaves for others? Last December 2014, I was invited to We need a Hero located at 57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-86 S160057 for a basic shave. I took the chance to interview Jayden Tay, a ‘shaver’ or barber with We need a Hero, and he clarified some key facts about his work at We Need A Hero. Read on…





1. What got you interested to be a Shaver with We Need A Hero ?

Working at We Need A Hero has allowed me to hone my barbering skills, but I was interested in learning how to shave professionally as I felt it would enable me with the complete skills to be an all-rounded barber.


2. Share with us a lesser known fact about this profession…..

Cutting short hair is actually more difficult than cutting longer hair as there is less room for error.


3. Could you explain the steps and procedures involved in a proper shave for men?

Shaving at home:

Always shave after showering as your pores would be open and your beard softened, resulting in a cleaner, closer shave.

Use warm water if possible as cold water will constrict pores and result in a rough finish.

Even when shaving at home, it is important to use professional shaving products as they are more nourishing than the harsh commercial ones that come out of a can. A wide range of Geo.F. Trumper products are available at We Need A Hero, including best-sellers like the non-drying Geo. F. Trumper glycerine-based shaving cream as well as the super hydrating Geo. F. Trumper Skin Food as both a pre- and post- shave balm. Professional shaving tools from Edwin Jagger and Kent are also available at We Need A Hero.

Work your shaving cream up into a lather in a bowl using a badger brush, and apply it using the brush to help unclog pores.

Start your first shave following the grain and go across the grain for your second shave for a closer shave.

Rinse face with cold water to close the pores.

Apply Geo. F. Trumper Skin Food as an aftershave. Its alcohol-free formula soothes and nourishes sensitive and aggravated skin so you feel comfortable.

Ensure your skin is kept hydrated with a non-greasy, lightweight moisturiser such as Geo. F. Trumper Fragrance-Free Moisturising Lotion to finish.

Traditional wet shave at We Need A Hero:

Regardless of how much or little facial hair u might have, it is recommended that you visit a barber at least once a month for a professional wet shave. A traditional wet shave at We Need A Hero uses a single blade or straight razor instead of the modern multi-blade razor commonly used by most men at home. If you’re fed up with razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps, then your skin will thank you for treating it to a traditional shave. Not only will you emerge with a closer shave than ever, your skin will look better as using a single blade or straight razor ensures your skin isn’t unnecessarily aggravated by having multiple blades run over sensitive complexion.

Hot towel to open pores and follicles

Shave oil for a smoother shave

First shave

Second shave

Facial scrub to removed dead skin and unclog pores

Relaxing facial massage

Cold towel to close pores


4. Why do you think Singaporean men are not too disciplined with the shaving regime?

Being Asian, most Singaporean men don’t have that much facial hair and may find shaving a chore. But as mentioned above, regardless of how much or little facial hair you might have, it is recommended that you visit a barber at least once a month for a professional wet shave.


5. Facial Stubs vs Cleanly shaven: What’s your take

I don’t have a particular preference for either look. Both styles can look good depending on how well you carry it off. A lot depends on the lifestyle of the person, but even if you intend on keeping a stubble, ensure that it is regularly and well groomed, so you don’t end up looking scruffy.


6. Share with us your little ways to make your job a little  more interesting…

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques. Sharing with each of my clients on how they can look their best according to what I know about their unique lifestyles, likes, etc. My greatest satisfaction comes from clients feeling that there are a little more heroic when they leave We Need a Hero which is in line with our philosophy of making every heroes out of everyday men.


7. What can customers expect from the services of WNAH?

We’re not just a regular barbershop offering the usual haircuts and shaves. We Need A Hero is a one-stop grooming destination exclusively for gents. Think of us as a safe haven where then men can tend to all their grooming needs in a setting they felt comfortable in. Leveraging on our years of expertise from STRIP and Browhaus, We Need A Hero also offers treatments such as waxing, IPL, and brow grooming on top of our top-notch barbershop services to provide a top-to-toe grooming experience for our customers under one roof. Our barbers and therapists are all highly experienced and come with a wealth of training, so you can be sure your experience at We Need A Hero is nothing short of perfect.


8. Complete this sentence… I rather Shave than to…..

Do anything, really. Doling out good haircuts and shaves is my way of being a hero.



57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-86 S16005

Open on Monday to Friday, 11am to 9pm | Saturday, 10am to 9pm | Sunday, 10am to 8pm close on selected Eve and Day of Public Holidays


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