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A Traditional Treat with a Modern Twist: Feet Haven opens 3rd outlet in Bukit Timah

Take any old-fashioned ideas of dowdy foot reflexology parlours located in obscure corners of old shopping malls and cast them aside. With the opening of Feet Haven’s 3rd outlet in Bukit Timah, the company is shaking off these outdated impressions and injecting a shot of fresh, youthful energy into the industry.

Along with café hopping, chilling out with tea and pastries, or spending the afternoon getting mani-pedis at nail bars-cum-cafés, Feet Haven is declaring foot reflexology a bona fide hipster activity to indulge in. Customers who are flocking through the door are young – typically in their 20s and 30s – card-carrying members of the generation who are spreading the word of this hidden wellness gem virtually and virally. And the trendy crowd approves: Feet Haven’s boutiques have received rave reviews among customers in the area and in the blogging community for its stellar foot reflexology and body massages.

Calming music and essential oil scents wafting in the air and free flows of beverages for customers come together to create a soft, intimate environment. But Feet Haven offers more for a discerning crowd who has seen it all. Fun daily status updates outside the shop and a cool, fresh interior style of clean walls accented by Polaroid shots and the work of independent artists and designers; shelves of books and magazines; and neutral, taupe furnishings make a welcoming, appealing impression.

Feet Haven’s 3rd Outlet at Bukit Timah is tucked away in a little recluse of Jalan Bingka, Bukit Timah, away from the hassle and bustle of the world.  Offering a whole range of services under one roof,  the company restores customers’ well-being and calm with their therapeutic services of body treatment and reflexology.

The locations of its current two boutiques are hipster-approved; instead of hard-to-find spots in veteran shopping centres, they are established in shophouses within the creative, trendy districts of Katong and Serangoon Gardens, sharing neighbourhoods with establishments like Cedele and Brotzeit.

Signature standout treatments include the 60-minute Shiok Feet Indulgence; 60-minute Shiok Basic Body and 45-minute Shiok Basic Blend of a shoulder- and neck massage coupled with foot reflexology. Feet Haven only hires senior, experienced masseurs who provide pampering sessions that have lulled many customers to sleep long before the treatment ends.

There is currently an opening Promotion. Customers can enjoy a 60 minute Body Massage for 1 Pax at $50 (Usual $68) or a 60 Minute Body Massage for 2 Pax at $90 (Usual $136)

About Feet Haven Reflexology

Founded in April 2011, Feet Haven Reflexology is a boutique Foot Reflex spa offering foot reflexology and body massages to its customers. The premier foot reflexology spa located at 136 East Coast Road has received interest and support from residents staying in Joo Chiat, Marine Parade and Katong.

(Katong Branch, 136 East Coast Road, S428821, Tel 63447311)
(Serangoon Garden Branch, 4A Maju Avenue, S556682, Tel 62882314)
(Upper Bukit Timah Branch, 5 Jalan Bingka, S588899, Tel 64630506)


Singapore’s lifestyle ranked the best for UK expats

expat-ranking-sm-compressedUK expats are urged to set sail for Singapore as research reveals it to be the most ideal location for those looking to move abroad.

The study found that overall, the Southeast Asian city state topped the charts when it came to the lowest levels of crime and unemployment as well as having the highest education standards and the most efficient healthcare system.

In total, the research by international removals specialist, 1st Move International, studied 18 countries, including less traditional destinations for UK expats.

Second and third to Singapore were Canada and Australia, which both scored highly for incomes and English reading, speaking and writing levels, but were let down by living costs, property prices and crime rates.

Spain, France and South Africa which all have high UK expat populations performed poorly, largely due to low incomes, high income tax, but also due to social factors such as unemployment, education healthcare and crime, but also English speaking levels, as did China, India, Brazil and Russia.

In number one ranking Singapore, take home pay is almost double that in the UK, due to higher average annual incomes and a lower top level of income tax (22% compared to 45%), a Brit earning the average wage in Singapore could walk away with £33,019.26* in their pocket every year after tax, almost double £18,497.52* in the UK.

The city state was also top when it came to healthcare. In Singapore, you can expect quicker diagnosis with better medical technology as well as shorter waiting times, quicker test results and better staff. Comparatively, the UK healthcare system placed 10 on the efficiency scale for the countries examined.

With a 2.1% unemployment rate, Singapore’s jobless rate is twice as little than UK’s figure 4.8%, leading to improved job prospects on top of higher incomes, in addition to the world’s best education system meaning a brighter future for expats looking to relocate their families. Topping the charts for unemployment were South Africa and Spain with 27.1% and 18.9%.

If that’s not enough, English is listed as an official language in the former British colony, it is also the language of business and government as well as being the language children are taught with in schools, making it easier for people from the UK to settle in.

The research

1st Move did the research by examining the figures on eleven different sets of data provided from sources such as: The OECD, UN, World Bank, Bloomberg, Trading Economics and Numbeo. The figures were then ranked by the most favourable results which provided an overall ranking table.

The data included looked at 11 different factors:

  • GDP per capita
  • HDI rank
  • Property price to income ratio
  • Average income
  • Income tax
  • Real income
  • English proficiency
  • Education standards
  • Food costs
  • Crime rate
  • Healthcare efficiency

How the other countries performed

At the other end of the scale, India, despite having the lowest cost of food for a weekly shop (£84.62) compared to £174.74 in the UK for a family of four, was statistically the worst location, with once UK expat hotspot South Africa and Brazil making up the bottom three.

Elsewhere other countries outperformed Singapore and the UK across different factors but overall, they did not perform as highly as a whole on the scale of liveability and the chance of better prospects.

USA (5th overall) had the best property price to income ratio but poor rankings on healthcare, education and crime let it down. Similarly, the UAE had strong economic appeal due to cheap property and the highest real income, due to no tax, however social factors had adverse effects.

Norway topped the scale on English proficiency and on the HDI index but unemployment, high taxes and living costs had negative connotations on its overall standing, dragging it down to 6th.

Spain, which has close to one million UK expats performed poorly, with annual wages lower than the UK’s, and 18.9% level of unemployment making the country not so sunny for people looking to emigrate for socioeconomic reasons.

 Jim Limerick, Owner, at 1st Move, said: “We were expecting to see the traditional destinations perform quite well, such as: the USA, Spain and Australia, but this wasn’t the case.

“Some countries did really well on certain things but there were factors on the data we examined which dragged them down. Singapore was consistently strong, making it appealing to potential UK expats on a wide range of financial and social reasons, which tend to be the main driving factors of people looking to emigrate from the UK.

“With more money in your pocket, no language problems and an average annual temperature in the high twenties, what isn’t there to love!”


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While She Sleeps joins Bring Me the Horizon as Special Guests


LAMC Productions is thrilled to announce that English Metalcore band, WHILE SHE SLEEPS will be joining BRING ME THE HORIZON as special guests for the show on February 2, 2017 at D’Marquee, Downtown East!

While She Sleeps is a melodic hardcore / metalcore band formed in Sheffield in 2006. The band consists of Lawrence Taylor on Vocals, Mat Welsh on Guitar/Backing Vocals, Sean Long on Guitar/Piano, Aaran McKenzie on Bass and Adam Savage on Drums/Percussion.

While She Sleeps play a unique mix of melodic hardcore with strong metal influences. They have released two studio album and are working on their third album, You Are We, which is set to  release on April 2017.

In their early years, While She Sleeps played close to 300 shows across the UK and mainland Europe. Their debut album “The North Stands For Nothing” received critical acclaim from European music publications like Kerrang and Metal Hammer. Their songs and videos also started getting highly sought after spins and views on major European media outlets like XFM Total Rock, Scuzz, and Kerrang TV in the U.K. Through this they began to make a name for themselves and the opportunities being presented grew bigger accordingly.

Brainwashed, the band’s second studio album, is the culmination of what the band’s five members went through in order to make it, a physical manifestation of pure triumph in the face of adversity. It’s an album that got made both in spite of and because of the things that threatened to prevent that happening – serious trouble with Taylor’s vocal chords that required two bouts of surgery and which essentially delayed the making of the record by a whole year.

The album’s eleven songs are a terrifying force to be reckoned with; from the anthemic chug of “These Four Walls” to the powerfully unrelenting and irascible “Trophies Of Violence.

Korean Superfood KOKOPANDA opens its first outlet in Singapore!


This December, KoKoPanda, a new ‘Superfood’ focused, Korean soft serve and beverage concept is arriving in Singapore! It will officially launch on 16 December 2016 at Plaza Singapura #B2-60.

KoKoPanda provides health-conscious individuals with soft serve & beverage choices that offers a guilt-free indulgence. Their three unique soft serves include Black Yogo (frozen yogurt), White Cremo (Korean soft serve ice-cream), and the signature KoKo Twisto ( a combination of half black yogo and half white cremo).

The Seoulistic softserve also comes with options of adding superfood toppings such as the KoKoCrunch granola; a mix of rice puffs and dried fruits, and a wide range of premium dried Korean superfruits including Jeju Tangerine, Strawberries and Apples. Softserves come at a price of $4.90 per cup with one free topping or $5.90 per cup with a choice of three toppings (one premium and two normal toppings).

KoKoPanda’s exciting super beverage menu offers a variety of drink choices. A must-try signature drink is their Jeju Green Tea Latte. Other options include the ChiaChaCha, a refreshing combination of 100% coconut water with Chia seeds, fruit vinegar ciders, and fruit enzyme drinks. Prices for drinks range from $2.90 to $4.20.

If you are looking for a dessert and beverage alternative which combines deliciousness with nutrition, this new addition to the dessert scene is a must-try!