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VISION: Professional illusionist duo, Lawrence and Priscilla Khong return to stun audiences with spectacular sets and brand new illusions

The multi-million dollar production will present a plethora of brand-new illusions – including the disappearance of a car on stage, a completely uncovered illusion which provides a clear ‘unmasked’ view for the audience, as well as the ‘Fire Sparker’ which takes the traditional sawing illusion into unprecedented territory.

The plot centers around Priscilla’s domain, an alternate dimension in the depths of her fantasy and magic-filled subconscious, where she uses her powers for selfish reasons, even to the extent of capturing her own father. Will Lawrence be able to save himself and his daughter before it’s too late? Through the suspense and danger, audiences can also expect a heart-warming story about family: kinship, love, forgiveness and a better tomorrow.


Held at Esplanade theatres, it was packed as people strode in, anticipating the magic show. It’s a good production for people of all ages, and there were plenty of people who brought their family members along to catch VISION.

This is the production’s second run after its successful debut staging in 2011 where it garnered more than 16,000 ticket sales (92.5%). Besides brand new illusions, audiences can also expect new and elaborate scenes set within a tighter storyline. Cutting-edge sets, backdrops and the introduction of a mysterious villain will also transform the entire feel of the performance, taking it from its previously ethereal version to something different: a faster, grittier and, above all, a more emphatic visual spectacle.


Besides being good illusionists, Priscilla and Lawrence Khong were also great play actors on stage, allowing the audience to really be immersed in the storyline of the magical plot, as well as relating to each character. Their performace is not surprising, considering that Lawrence and Priscilla were named Asia’s First Elite Diamond Award Recipients, and award equivalent to the Oscars in the world of magic. The pair is constantly pushing new boundaries and honing their craft, and has always maintained a hands-on approach, from conceptualization to their final performances.


VISION is not only an aesthetically appealing and entertaining production; it also brings about a heart-warming story. Young actresses and actors were also present to help out with the storyline, and some cheeky remarks made the audiences laugh, and let the parents relate to the fatherly character in the plot. It’s an especially good production for the younger children because it teaches them the value of kinship and love, alongside illusions in the magical dimension.


“As local illusionists, 2015 is a monumental year for the nation as we celebrate SG50. It is the perfect time to showcase the bes of Singapore talent, which is what VISION is all about. With the combined talents of an amazing cast and crew, we hope to present an exceptional production tat Singaporeans can be proud of,” enthuses Lawrence.

The audience can also be expected to be wowed by the disappearance of a car (Ferrari!) as well as the speed in which Lawrence and Priscilla switch places on stage. Best thing to do is: keep your eyes peeled and do not blink! Get your tickets at SISTIC today, with special discounted prices for senior citizens, students and NSF.


Unwind in Luxury with Sofitel So Bangkok

A concrete skyscraper perched slightly off the busy shopping district in Bangkok, Thailand, is Sofitel So Bangkok. Dubbed as the “fashion hotel,” Sofitel So Bangkok is helmed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix, who contributed his artistic expertise to the luxury stay. The club lounge holds his signature in red paint over a slab of concrete.



From the architecture to the interiors, Sofitel So Bangkok oozes of stylistic appeal. If you up to pamper yourself during the holidays – Sofitel So Bangkok will fit the bill. The hotel is built on the concept of the Five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. This inspiration draws inspiration from the serene Lumpini Park, which the hotel overlooks.

Water – Sophistication and calmness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All rooms are run by Apple iOS, avoiding chunky physical copies of room service menus




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAView from our room, and from the custom bathtub

From the soft glowing interiors of the room, clean lines of dark wood and mosaic tiles interplay, to a round bathtub facing the city view, you’ll be mesmerized by the sheer details that Water element offers.

Earth – Wonder and enrichment


Cobalt blue themed, Earth is the most wondrous of the elements in Sofitel So Bangkok. It feels like a little cozy cave. The hieroglyphs on the walls and curtains are pretty to look at, but the bathroom of black and white tiles is the stunner.

Wood – Elegance and tranquility

No bonus points for guessing the main material used for this interior. Wood element rooms boast of custom teakwood furniture and a reprint of a hand-sketched drawing by the designer and architect, Nithi Sthapitanonda himself.

Metal – Purity and modernity

Minimalistic and pristine, you’ll fall in love with this chic and modern room. The brushed metal clouds crowning the bedframe cast an enchanting silhouette above.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASofitel So Bangkok welcomes international guests with some fruits and the Thai Bael Fruit Tea

Each room comes with an absolutely FREE minibar of some local snacks and drinks that is refilled every day. The coffee machine uses illy espresso capsules. Of course, room service is responsive and friendly; we request for foam over feather pillows in the middle of the night and they came in minutes.

Dining area of Red Oven, where breakfasts are served

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMacarons for afternoon tea, to prepare for a havoc night

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACongee set served at Club Lounge for breakfast


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpread of breads, cereals and nuts at Club Lounge

In case you’re wondering where is Fire… It is aptly embodied by Red Oven, the grand restaurant on the seventh floor, overlooking the concrete cityscape and the lush Lumpini Park. The namesake is derived from the Molteni ‘Red Oven’ – the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia! This is where breakfast is served; and if you live on a club floor, you can opt for more exclusive breakfast menu and afternoon tea at the Club Lounge.



Sitting on North Sathorn, directly opposite Lumpini Park, it’d be a waste not to have a rooftop dining area and an infinity pool. Park Society boasts of a futuristic ambience overlooking the Bangkok city. Indeed, a city only comes alive at night!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASketch of Sofitel So Bangkok’s locale; the hotel oozes of art at every corner

Sofitel So Bangkok may not be a convenient location for some – it is approximately a 60 baht taxi meter ride down to our favourite Platinum Mall. But what would be a better way to end a hectic day in Bangkok than to unwind in an exquisitely-themed hotel, off the dramatic shopping district?

2 North Sathorn Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Tel: +66 2624 0000
Fax: +66 2624 0111


Writer: Leong Chee Sheng
Photos: The Influencer Media, Nichology

Bringing You a Taste of Singapura at Brizo Restaurant & Bar

To celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, Brizo Restaurant & Bar at Park Hotel Clarke Quay has launched a buffet with the theme ‘Taste of Singapura’. Starting 1st July, you can enjoy the local delights offered and there are even contests for you to participate in. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:


By local delights, I mean Shrimp Wanton, Ngoh Hiang, Gado Gado, Kong Bak Pau, Marinated Jelly Fish with Oyster Sauce and Sesame and Satay with condiments. These are but the appetisers. Save your stomach for the main course! The highlight of the buffet would be the crabs and the prawns, the seafood of course!


Singaporeans just love Chilli Crabs and what’s more this is the restaurant’s signature crab dish, just look at the size of those pincers! Imagine the amount of crab meat within them!


Our favourite has to be the Salted Egg Crayfish. Its flavour is nice and strong that you can not only smell the scent of salted egg, you can also taste it, not to mention that it is perhaps one of the easiest dishes to eat out of all the seafood, coming off easily from its shell. We lost count of how many we had during the meal because the taste of salted egg is so addictive. There were also Tiger Prawns, Canadian Oysters and Salmon Sashimi which were served fresh and by fresh I mean you can taste the quality of the seafood and tell that it is good quality seafood that hasn’t been kept overly frozen for a few days.




I personally thought the salmon sashimi was pretty good, so salmon lovers feel free to go wild! In addition to the seafood, there are also other Singaporean dishes such as Fish Head Curry, Wok-fried La-la in Bean Paste, Butter Prawns with Curry Leaves, Har Cheong Gai and Kam Heong Sotong.

Drooling yet? I am feeling hungry just looking at the above photographs. If you want to win yourself this buffet dinner for two at Park Hotel Clarke Quay, head down to their Facebook page here and participate in the ‘Makan Buddies’ contest. All you need to do is tag your friends on the photo and leave a comment. Besides this contest, you may win a weekend staycation at Park Hotel Clarke Quay by taking a photograph of yourself with friends and family and uploading it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BrizoQualityTime. So what are you waiting for? Join the contests now!

Brizo Restaurant & Bar
Address: 1 Unity Street, Level 1 of Park Hotel Clarke Quay
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Prices: $58++ (Wed-Thur), $68++ (Fri-Sun)
Telephone No: 65938855


Writer: Samuel Low

Relive the Past with the Old Favorites at 1933

Looking for your all-time, old favourites? Look no further, as BreadTalk Group launches its new cafe, 1933. Designed in reminiscence of Singapore in the 1930s, you can find traces of Peranakan-motif in the cafe.


1933 serves signature Southeast Asia cuisine that reflects the Nanyang identity of migrants in the 1930s, offering a balance of both Asian and Western flavours. Take a trip back to that time where cultures converged and get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


One specialty of 1933 is their French bread bowls that give off the oldies feel. Two dishes have these and they come highly recommended.


When we first saw this dish being served, we all assumed it was pumpkin. Surprisingly, it was carrot soup. The 1933 Power Carrot. What’s special about this dish is that it simply tastes sweet and there is no trace of carrot at all, something that works for kids who dislike their veggies.


This is the Nanyang Curry Chicken and it comes in a bread bowl. It offers a taste of Southeast Asian curry and with it are a variety of ingredients that include kampong chicken, potato chunks and carrots. Flavourful and fragrant, it is one dish that gives off a heart-warming feel.


What is the Nanyang period with Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice? Just knowing that it is kampong chicken that is being served should tempt you, after all we know that kampong chicken is tender and less oily compared to other chickens. The next important thing about chicken rice that we look out for is the rice and you will be pleased to know that the rice has that fragrance and meet our expectations.


Here at 1933, they serve coffee that is Torrefacto or traditional Nanyang based coffee beans presented in a trendy espresso style. I ordered a hot latte and it looks really good for an Instagram photograph. This design is available for both iced and hot coffee, so for those who love chilled drinks, don’t fret about it. Taste wise, it is aromatic and has this chocolaty aftertaste. Satisfy your coffee craving here at 1933.

1933 Singapore
15 Stamford Road L1-83 Galleria, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm


Beauty Comes at a Price

Beauty comes at a price, a small one at that, with the non-invasive aesthetic treatment available at South Bridge Aesthetics.

Yes, you have probably heard of a dozen other aesthetic clinics by now, so what makes South Bridge Aesthetics so special? Located on South Bridge Road, it was set up with the goal to offer competitive prices, to make it affordable for the average person and one which provides a comfortable, cosy environment.


If you are the typical guy who hasn’t experienced such treatments before, you will be concerned with certain things and in our interview with Dr. Winston, Medical Director of South Bridge Aesthetics, he answered some of our queries.


Here is some background information on Dr. Winston:

Graduating from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Medicine in 2005, Dr Lee possesses ten years of experience across a diverse range of disciplines. These include renal medicine, endocrinology, rehabilitation medicine, and emergency medicine.  In addition to stints as a general practitioner, Dr. Lee – who also holds a Masters Degree in Public Health – was stationed at the Accident & Emergency units at several restructured public hospitals. Dr. Lee was also a medical advisor to global pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo SmithKline and Sanofi Aventis.

Qn: What led you to setting up this clinic?

Ans: It was due to an entrepreneur streak where my paths crossed with investor friends and relatives. With their support, I decided to set up this clinic and I couldn’t have done it without them because it requires high capital outlay.

Qn: What should our readers expect if it is their first time going for aesthetic treatments?

Ans: There will be a consultation session for patients to address their concerns as they may face issues with the pigmentation on their skin or sometimes they may have saggy skin. Downtime is also a concern. During this session, I will provide them with more information and for some patients, in might be in their interest to do a combination of treatments.

Qn: Does any of your aesthetic treatments have downtime?

Ans: No, if any, they are minimal. Patients might experience mild redness but due to the non-invasive nature of the treatments, they are safe.

Qn: What inspired you to combine both treatments to come up with Ulti-Lift?

Ans: It was from personal experience. I went sourcing personally and I discovered that it produced better results. Both Ulthera and Thermage are established procedures on their own. By combining the two, it works even better and we know it for certain because we have tried it. Most clinics do not provide both forms of treatment and South Bridge Aesthetics is one of the first clinics in Singapore to offer a revolutionary programme that combines two of the most popular treatments – Thermage and Ulthera- for maximum results. Patients who have tried it are satisfied.

Qn: What should we expect for Ulti-Lift?

Ans: There will be two separate sessions on different days, both a week apart and we will schedule in the availability of the patients. They will be given time to recuperate and provided pain medicine for relief. Generally after treatments, patients do not face any issues and there is no down time. However, for certain patients, the skin of jaw may feel tender for a few days, however patients will look absolutely normal.

So with all the answers that Dr Winston has provided us, we are confident that his aesthetic treatments are safe and will yield the results we hope to achieve. Having tried their Carbon Laser Peel Treatment for myself, I can assure you that you will step in and out of the clinic looking radiant. After the treatment, some of these lotions are applied to hydrate your skin, giving it more moisture and adding to it vitamin C. Sunblock is also applied to protect your skin.


So what are you waiting for? For those who hope to look better in terms of facial complexion, make your appointment at South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic now. Visit for more information.

South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic
277 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058826
Monday to Friday – 10am to 6pm, Saturday – 10am to 3pm
Telephone: 9730 8999

Writer: Samuel Low