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Probably the Best Job in The World


Carlsberg’s Best Job is back in Singapore by popular demand with applicants vying for the coveted job that pays a jawdropping salary of S$20,000 for four hours of work. Drinking beer that is.

Probably the Best Job in the World

Mr. Jimmy Toh, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore, has this message for aspiring applicants: “Whatever Carlsberg does, we strive to do better. While the exhilarating job of a beer taster remains the same this year, the successful applicant will earn $20,000, which is double the salary offered last year – simply to enjoy ‘Probably the best beer in the world’.

We are looking for the best candidate that exemplifies this spirit, and demonstrates passion for the Carlsberg brand to bag this unique job opportunity.”

Job Requirements & Registration

Anyone who feels that they are the best candidate for the job can make an application at http://www.probablythebest.com.sg. This job is only open to applicants aged 18 and above.

Online registration (free, of course) opens on Monday November 21 and closes on Sunday December 4.

Selected finalists will be notified to attend a simple job interview on the afternoon of December 15.

The Inaugural Campaign in 2016 Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job In The World campaign was launched in Singapore last year to great fanfare and media interest. Social media manager Daniel Osgodby was eventually selected as the lucky winner, taking home $10,000 after “putting in” four very happy hours enjoying ice-cold pints of Carlsberg beer.


Probably The Best Record Breaking Couplet

Carlsberg CNY 2

Carlsberg CNY 4

Carlsberg CNY 10

Carlsberg rang in “Probably The Best Year” (20 一流) on 28 January with a record-breaking feat of painting the nation’s largest New Year festival couplet (春联chūn lián). This achievement has secured them an entry in the Singapore Book of Records for “Probably The Best Record Breaking Couplet”. This horizontal spring calligraphy scroll is traditionally hung over the door post to bless each and every member of the family in a household, especially during the Lunar New Year festivity.

In line with the brand’s commitment to delivering superior experiences, Carlsberg engaged accomplished artist-calligrapher Christina Chen to paint a series of traditional four-character greetings on a 16-metre long red scroll at Capitol Piazza, setting the record with a brilliant feat that conveys Carlsberg’s vision and well-wishes to the nation in the hope that 2016 will be “Probably The Best Year” (20一流). The event was a rousing success, with representatives from the Singapore Book of Records verifying the successful achievement and presenting a certificate of completion to Jimmy Toh, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore.

“Chinese New Year has always been one of the most celebrated occasions at Carlsberg Singapore, and we’re thrilled to be kicking off ‘Probably The Best Year’ by entering the Singapore Book of Records with ‘Probably The Best Record Breaking Couplet!’ said Jimmy Toh. “There’s no better way to start off the year than by making history with this spectacular feat. From everyone at CarlsbergSingapore, here’s a toast to ‘Probably The Best Year’ (20 一流)!”

Carlsberg’s theme for the Lunar New Year of the Monkey, “Probably the best Year” (20 一流) is based upon a wordplay on the Mandarin pronunciation of the number 16 (yī liù) and the Chinese term 一流 (yī liú) which refers to excellence, top notch or simply the best. By envisioning 2016 as “Probably The Best Year’’, Carlsberg Singapore hopes that it will be as superior as Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world!

Consumers can continue to spread these messages of good cheer with four limited edition festive cans that feature a contemporary graphic design infused with traditional festive elements. Paired with themes such as Friendship (友情 yŏu qíng), Luck (运气 yùn qì), Fortune (财运 cái yùn), as well as 20一流, these collectibles are available exclusively in 24-can cartons (323 millilitres per can), with each carton containing no more than two designs. These 24-can packages are available nationwide at all leading super and hyper markets during the celebratory period.

Probably the best job in the world! Be a beer taster and earn SGD10K in just 4 hours!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.10.07 pm

Have you fantasized about nabbing your dream job? The one where you spend all your time out of the office, enjoying an ice-cold brew with your mates? Calling all beer lov-ers, your dream job is finally here! Are you ready to take your affinity with Carlsberg and your impeccable taste buds to the next level? Carlsberg is looking to hire a beer taster for just 4 hours of work, with an at-tractive remuneration package of SGD 10,000!

Sounds too good to be true? It only gets better because the top candidate for the job does not need to possess any experience or educational background relevant to the beer industry. All he or she needs is a burning passion for Carlsberg brew, and to be available for a day to undertake the role of a Carlsberg am-bassador.

What sort of ‘work’ is required? Carlsberg figured that nothing could possibly be better than getting paid to enjoy probably the best beer in the world, hang out with friends, and simply have fun. We’ve even got you covered with a personal chauffeur to ensure you enjoy the brew responsibly. So, what are you waiting for? Submit your application now!

This genuine recruitment drive is part of the next phase of the “If Carlsberg Did…” campaign which was launched in June this year. With the inventive “If Carlsberg Did Fitting Rooms…” commercial spot, Carls-berg gave legions of bored males something to wish for the next time they get dragged along on a shop-ping trip with the girlfriend. Now, Carlsberg is back to put a refreshing spin on stuffy meeting rooms. Their latest “If Carlsberg Did Meeting Rooms…” print campaign depicts what is probably the most inspiring boardroom in the world — a larger-than-life swimming pool complete with a floating conference table and a Carlsberg bar just within reach.

“The first things that often come to mind when one thinks of work are grey walls, conference rooms and tiny cubicles – elements that generally do not inspire,” said Jolene Yeo, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Singapore. “If anyone were to make meeting rooms extraordinary, it would be Carlsberg, but we only make beer. We hence wanted to deliver probably the best work experience to beer lovers in Singapore by offering probably the best job in the world. This stems from our dedication to our brand promise of bring-ing to life the Carlsberg spirit by offering superior experiences to our loyal consumers.”

To amplify the brand’s trademark humour and imagination, Carlsberg will not be following typical hiring policies but will invite selected candidates to step out of their comfort zone with an unconventional inter-view process.

Follow Carlsberg Singapore on Facebook to find out how the brave candidates fare! This dream job is open to all Singaporeans aged 18 and above. Potential candidates may apply at http://www.probablythebest.com.sg from today until 7 December 2015.